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Boys Recreation Gymnastics

Recreational gymnastics is a great way to keep your son active and help him progress physical and mental skills! It allows children to experience the fun of gymnastics while making friends and building life skills! We have recreational classes based upon skill level and convenience so that your son can start learning and progressing right away!


When you first come to the gym, a coach will assess your son’s ability and he will be placed into the level most appropriate for him based on age and skill set.


It is our goal to make these young gymnasts not only into great athletes, but also into great children/teenagers/adults. We believe in the importance of gymnasts leading well rounded lives and being involved with outside interests as well.


As gymnasts develop and master skills at the pace that's right for them, they advance into the higher levels and become part of the CGC Competitive Teams.

If you are hesitant about getting involved in gymnastics, check out why this sport is so awesome! Moreover, check out why WE are so awesome!

Boys Champs 1 - 2

This class is for boys who would like to increase their flexibility, agility and balance.  It offers introduction to parallel bars, high bar, vault, floor, pommel horse, and rings.  They will also gain more muscle strength and body control.

Boys are put in their appropriate age group, class is interactive and fast-paced. And we make sure that boys can be boys!

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