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UPDATE: March 2022

As of 3.12.22 masks are no longer required to enter our building, nor are the athletes required to wear them during practice. Masks are optional.

UPDATE: September 2021

The CDC issued guideline that children ages 2 and up must wear masks. Because we are Youth Sports indoor activty, we have to follow the State of California directives which are same as children in school.

Please note that anyone walking into our building needs to wear a mask. When the athletes are doing strenuous activity, on bars, etc they can pull their masks down for safety reasons.

If you are a spectator outside the building, masks are not required outside. 

UPDATE: Monday, July 14


As you may now have heard, Governor Newsom has ordered sectors to close indoor operations in 30 counties that are on the watch list, San Diego included.

We are considered a Youth Sports Facility that is operating under the guidelines of the CDC. We are NOT a Fitness Center. Practices will continue as normal until we hear otherwise. As soon as we find out more information, we will update you all.

We are continuing to sanitize, social distance, and check temperatures upon entrance. We train and practice in groups of 10 or less to keep the athletes safe. The coaches wipe down and sanitize all equipment after each athlete uses it during the practice.

June 2020

It is with GREAT joy and enthusiasm that we are approved to re-open our gymnastics facility and start holding classes for our beloved Champion athletes! During the past 3 months we have completely transformed many parts of our gym to follow all the recommended social distancing protocols and keep everyone SAFE. We also have sanitation stations located throughout the gym. That is of greatest concern, to make sure parents are comfortable knowing that their children are SAFE at our facility.

The attachment identifies the County of San Diego Safe Reopening Plan document that we will be posting on our front entrance as well as posting on our website and sending directly to parents. Please read through so that you as parents know that we are making EVERY effort to keep our place as CLEAN and SAFE as possible for your children!


In addition to this, we wanted to point out new procedures for classes.

Drop Off

  • You can drop off your child at the Front Door. He/She must wear a mask, and there will be X’s on the sidewalk for social distancing.

  • Staff member will be at Front Door to take your child’s temperature with a touchless thermometer. Anyone who has temperature over 100.4 will not be able to enter.

  • Upon entering lobby, your child will be directed to specific space within the gym where they can hang their gym bag and/or put down their shoes and water bottle. Please note that we took out all the lockers because of the close proximity.

  • Team members will be given their own bag of chalk and tape which they will keep for use only by themselves. Team athletes are responsible for keeping their grips in their gym bags.


Parent Viewing

  • Please note that parents will NOT be able to watch their children from the lobby viewing areas.

  • Instead, we are opening up our big roll-up doors for parents to view from.

  • There will be spaces marked with X’s to ensure social distancing.

  • Please bring your own chair -- we will not be providing them as we don’t have manpower to clean them after each class is over.


Inside Gym

  • Athletes stay in their space until the coach directs them to the floor. We have spaces identified throughout the entire gym that are 6’ apart.

  • Athletes do NOT have to wear their mask inside the gym, but coaches will be wearing them.

  • We revamped the gym so that we have a special area just for preschool children. Their spaces are identified with jungle animals to make it comfortable, light-hearted and welcoming.

  • We have limited the number of people inside the gym to no more that 58 at one time. This number is actually under the quantity that we are authorized for, but we are being overly careful to make sure that all our athletes are SAFE.

  • Coaches have all be instructed how to run their classes utilizing social distancing.


Pick Up

  • All athletes will exit the gym via the Back Door so that’s where you will pick up your kids.

  • This social distancing process allows for entrance at front door and exit at back door.



  • Snacks and drinks from the vending machines will NOT be available for purchase.

  • All items brought into the gym will need to be taken home. There will be NO lost and found items. If something is left behind, then it will be discarded. All coaches will be reminding the athletes to take all of their belongings to avoid any discards.


Zoom Classes

Zoom classes for team athletes that are not physically coming to CGC due to COVID-19 precautions, we will continue to offer conditioning classes with adjusted timeframes to be determined. Team athletes who are returning to CGC facility will also be allowed to attend Zoom conditioning classes.


Private Lessons

Private lessons can be scheduled directly with individual coaches, but coordinated with Vannah at the Front Desk due to occupancy guidelines. Only athletes who are attending classes at CGC can take private lessons at this time.



As of right now NO summer camps are scheduled at this time. Our main goal right now is to get the gym up and running with our regular classes. At a later date we may consider scheduling camps.


NEW Parent Liability Waiver Form

We have updated our Parent Liability Waiver form to accommodate adjustments to COVID-19. It will be sent to you automatically through our I-Class Pro system, and each family will be required to sign off on the updated waiver as soon as they receive it. This needs to be done ASAP prior to your kids attending classes.


Additional Safety Protocols

In addition to the above, we wanted to point out some other significant things that we are also doing.

  • We have heavily invested in replacing the foam blocks in the pit with new state-of-the-art AirBags by Air Track Factory. These are currently intransit and will be positioned in the pits upon delivery. These new high performance airbags will allow for regular sanitizing.

  • We have also heavily invested in specialized disinfecting equipment (Clorox 360 Electrostatic Sprayer) that will keep all equipment and mats very clean and sanitized. Because we purchased this equipment, we are able to fully and professionally sanitize all equipment on a regular basis!


Please know that we are going the extra mile for everyone because we LOVE your kids and want to keep everyone SAFE!

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