Gymnastics For Kids

So you are interested in getting your child involved in gymnastics? Perfect!


Gymnastics is quite possibly the best sport to get your child involved in because the skills they learn, they will carry with them throughout their life.


At Champion Gymnastics & Cheer, we put a heavy emphasis on gymnastics for kids, because we understand the major, positive impact the sport can have!

All our kids gymnastics classes focus on developing motor skills, strength, flexibility, body awareness, hand-eye coordination, and self-confidence that will provide them with a foundation that lasts a lifetime. All this is accomplished in a positive, fun, and energetic learning environment.

We offer gymnastics classes for kids of all ages, including Mommy and Me, Toddler Gymnastics, Preschool Open Gym, and Mom's Time Out. So scroll down check out all the classes we have!

Remember, we offer a FREE trial class, so come try us out! Also, be sure to check out why you should choose us!

Mommy and Me

Snuggle Buddies (Ages 18-24 months)

It is never too early to get your child started in the sport of gymnastics! This intro Mommy and Me class involves interaction with Mom/Dad, provides great parent/child bonding, and at the same time sets the stage for a healthy lifestyle. Gymnastics is a sport that will allow your child to develop both physical and mental skills, which will benefit them in all aspects of growing up.


Our coed Snuggle Buddies classes start at the early age of 18 months until your little champion turns 2 years old. In this class they will learn basic positions and shapes, fundamental gymnastics techniques, and hopping, skipping, running, crawling, landing, swinging, and leaping!


In addition, your child will rapidly learn to use his/her motor skills in a way that allows them to progress quickly in their development. This is the perfect class for your child to get a head start on their life! Oh, and did we mention it is tons of fun?! What more do you need!

Tater Tots (Ages 2-3 years)

This coed Mommy and Me class is designed for young children to learn the basic coordination skills needed for physical movement through gymnastics. Mom/Dad actively participates with the child during class, and the instructor provides specific skill instruction on achievement.


Activities will include increasing motor skills, developing social interactions, flexibility, taking turns, and listening skills. These little Munchkins will learn body awareness as they participate in a variety of activity to get their little bodies moving. Watch the sense of delight and smiles on their faces when they achieve a new skill! 


This energetic class is perfect way to not only introduce your little champion to sports but also to develop school readiness skills like listening, waiting in line, and following directions. Lots of giggles and excitement in this class!

Toddler Gymnastics

Mini-Champs (Ages 3-5) 

Our co-ed Mini-Champs class is the perfect transition to help your toddler get ready for preschool. This fun, fast-paced class focuses on accumulating the ability to overcome all obstacles, both mental and physical. It also includes the development of great social skills, as well as learning the fundamentals of gymnastics so your toddler has the foundation to become an all around amazing person.

Designed to match a preschooler’s boundless energy, children will be able to experience all the traditional gymnastics equipment along with obstacle courses and circuits to enhance motor development and eye-hand coordination.


In this class, various activities are also designed to burn off energy and keep your champion excited and interested as they learn and interact with others!

More Gymnastics For Preschool Kids

We have enhanced our Toddler Gymnastics program considerably, and have added a new elements:


We have a gymnastics/tumbling area with equipment that is kid-sized and decorated with adorable, huggable animals painted on the wall. The environment is welcoming to preschool aged children and we make sure they feel comfortable in our family-friendly facility. 

Kids Love It Here at CGC!

Warning! Sometimes when they get here they don't want to leave!


We are offering our family-friendly sports facility for your young family to meet and enjoy activity with your kids!


We have scheduled our Meet Ups for each Friday 11am to Noon, very low cost of $2.50 each person.

You don't have to reserve a place, we encourage you to just show up!


We have a lot of activity (Bounce House, Trampoline, Foam Pits, etc) and group discussions if desired. Check us out!

10580 Prospect Avenue, Ste 101

Santee, CA 92071


Tel: (619) 449-7717


10580 Prospect Avenue, Ste 101 Santee, CA 92071
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