All About the CGC Family!

Robyn has a strong background in gymnastics as an athlete and wanted to “Pass it Forward” and became a coach at a YMCA in South Pasadena. She coached through her college years and when she had children, her oldest JJ Ross was introduced to the sport of gymnastics at a young age and started the whole ball of wax all over again! He never looked back. He competed from age 7 to 18 and started coaching at the age of 16. At age 21, JJ and Robyn opened their own club, Champion Gymnastics & Cheer together in June 2008. We started with 30 athletes and have grown by leaps and bounds. My goal is to motivate and inspire each athlete by instilling strong values and self-respect and to show them how to strive for even more. Teaching our coaches to “Lead by Example” and treat each athlete as if they were their own. The moment you walk through our doors you will see and feel what CGC is known for….FAMILY!

Robyn Ross

JJ has been in the gymnastics world since age 7. He competed for 12 years throughout the Junior Olympic Qualifiers and Regional Invitationals. JJ's heart was in love with the sport as well as coaching it. He knows the hard work and countless attempts to achieve the skills in this sport. To be able to share that with others, is something that he has wanted for a long time.  JJ coaches just about everything. Currently, JJ is the Head Coach for our Level 4 to Elite Boys Compulsory/Optionals Competitive Team. If it has to do with gymnastics....JJ coaches it! 

JJ Ross

My name is Savannah Ross and I have been involved in the sport of gymnastics for about 20 years. I started doing gymnastics at the age of 6 and competed through the age of 18. I began coaching at 18 and have had the chance to work with such amazing athletes ever since. I love being able to coach these gymnasts through their struggles, provide them with a confidence that they didn't even know they had, and watch them grow not only as an athlete but as a person in general. I love to watch the joy spread across their face as they achieve new skills or move up into the next level. Gymnastics has been such a positive thing in my life and I want to share that with everyone that I get the pleasure of working with.

Savannah Ross

Sherri’s love of gymnastics began when she was an elite gymnast way back in the 80’s (before

most of the coaches at CGC were born!). Since then she has been a coach, choreographer, gym

owner, judge, Ironman finisher, world traveler, CrossFit competitor, and mom! Sherri always

has a positive attitude and teaches her gymnasts life skills as well as gymnastics skills: be kind,

be healthy, and always give 100% effort!

Sherri McCullen

My name is Brittany Pharis and I have a huge background in Gymnastics, Dance, and Competitive Cheerleading. My gymnastics career started at the age of three and lasted for the next 12 years. I have been coaching competitive USAG compulsory teams for ten years, as well as, judging high school gymnastics for NFHS for the past nine years. I have just recently begun my adventure into the Judging world of USAG and cannot wait to see what opportunities are to come. I have been a dancer all my life competing, showcasing and participating in semi-pro and professional dance teamsDance along with gymnastics are one of those sports where it can change your life for the better. I possess three bachelor’s degrees in Dance and Choreography, American Sign Language, and Criminal Justice and Criminology. I am currently obtaining my Single-Subject teaching credential and Master’s in Education. I want to teach our athletes not only the art of gymnastics and dance but life lessons along with learning to be a better human being then they were yesterday. I want them to understand that with hard work, motivation, and dedication they can do anything their hearts desire.  

Brittany Pharis

My name is Melanie. I am a mother to three beautiful girls and have been in the gymnastics world most of my life. I have been teaching gymnastics for about 18 years. Gymnastics is, in my opinion, one of the greatest sports for kids. Not only does it teach basic body awareness and coordination skills, gymnastics is also a great character building sport. My goal as a coach is to impart a love for fitness and increase personal confidence in each one of my athletes big and small. 

Melanie Gruba

Lexus McAlister

Hi, my name is Melissa.  I am 19 years old and am studying Athletic Training at San Diego State University. I have been doing gymnastics ever since my mom started me in a 'Mommy and Me' class when was 17 months old. I have been competing since I was 13 years old and am now competing with the club team at SDSU. My favorite part of the sport is how fun it is. Going to practice at the end of each day was always something to look forward too when school was stressing me out. My best friends were on my team so I couldn’t wait for the opportunity each day to go see them and do some flips while we were there. The sport has also taught me a lot about hard work and time management, which are two traits that have really helped me throughout life. My goal for my athletes is to have them to fall in love with the sport, just like I did. 

Melissa FitzGibbon

My name is Paige Bounds, and this is my fifth year coaching at CGC. I have been involved in cheer and gymnastics for about 14 years and danced for 10 years. I currently represent my university as a San Diego State Cheerleader, where I am studying Political Science and Communication. In the past, I competed at the all-star Cheerleading World Championships and was active at Valhalla High School as a cheer captain and varsity optional gymnast. Cheer, gymnastics, and dance have taught me incredibly valuable life skills. Through these sports, I have learned the importance of self-discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. My experience as an athlete has shaped me into a well-rounded and confident individual. It is my goal as a coach for my students to develop into confident, successful athletes and build important life skills along the way!

Paige Bounds

I have been doing gymnastics and cheer my whole life and it is something I am very passionate about. I love being able to see myself and my teammates grow and the two sports have taught me many different skills which I am able to apply to my everyday life. Through being a gymnast and cheerleader, I have learned how to work with others as one unit, be a leader to others, and how to be confident in myself and my ablilities. My goal for all of my athletes is to have fun and find the same love for gymnastics or cheer that I did. 

Logan Ferguson

I was a gymnast for 21 years. I got to compete for Mexico’s Senior National Team and the University of Iowa, and I have now been coaching for 10 years. I like the fact that gymnastics is a very unique sport. Not everybody can do it at the highest level. My goal for my athletes is to make sure they are having fun, while working hard to be the best.

Diego Mercado

MJ was a gymnast for 14 years, spending most of them training under JJ. He has also been coaching for almost 10 years. His goal for his athletes is to teach them the importance of hard work, overcoming fears, and teamwork. 

MJ McKinley

What’s up, my name is Austin Adams I’m the tumbling, boys gymnastics, and parkour coach! I grew up in Austin, Texas where i spent most of the time playing sports like football, wrestling, track and lacrosse, and I work all through high school as a rec gymnastics, and as tumbling coach and then started practicing and teaching parkour my senior year. There is nothing I love more in this world then watching people accomplish their goals, and I get to be lucky enough to have a part in helping them here at Champion. 

Austin Adams

Hey, athletes! My name is Justy Rice, and I am the CGC Tricking class' instructor. I am a gymnast/tumbler, certified Taekwondo Black Belt, as well as a Master Class level dancer, with 12+ years of experience. Tricking is a sport which combines the fundamentals of all three of those sports to create flashy tricks you can do anywhere. It is often associated with parkour, and with its various kicks, twists, and flips, people like to call it the ninja sport! As a teacher and a person, I love to spread kindness, and fueled with determination to always improve myself, I hope that I can give that same motivational spirit to my students, and give new Trickers a fun new arsenal of tricks to practice. Remember, there's no such thing as a bad session! Don't be afraid to stop by and try it out! Hope to see you in class!   

Justy Rice

Jamie grew up in AZ competing in dance and gymnastics. She discovered cheer in high school and cheered on JV & Varsity cheer, while also in the dance company. In college, she was a member & choreographer of the ASU Dance Team and the Phoenix Suns Dance Team. She also traveled as an instructor for the United Spirit Association (USA) teaching & choreographing for cheer/dance camps and judging competitions. Before joining CGC, she coached Pop Warner cheer and high school JV & Varsity cheer teams. She supports her athletes in all aspects to help them achieve their goals through hard work, dedication, and a good attitude! In addition to coaching, she competes as the eldest athlete on an Open Level 4 team!

Jaimie Bernier

I have been coaching and/or volunteering at CGC since 2016, first helping with a cheer technique class that we developed into an all-star cheer team. I have been cheerleading since I was about 7 years old starting in pop-warner for about 2 years, and then moved into all-star cheer until I was in high school. Once in high school wanting to give back I began coaching pop-warner, then high school, and ended up at CGC. I believe in mutual respect, a positive environment, and creating a family on each and every team I coach. I encourage the kids to do their best no matter the end result, and show them that hard work always pays off in the end. 

Heather Bareno

My name is Jessica Trauner. I cheered and danced 14 years back home in Indiana. After I graduated high school I enlisted into the Navy and wounded up here in San Diego. I love my sport because it teaches you about team work and how to push yourself to be better for yourself and your teammates. My goal for my athletes is to come out of every practice better than they came into it in some aspect, whether that’s physically or mentally. 

Jessica Trauner

Shelly Robertson

My name is Shelly, I am a mom to Brianna, AJ (Level 10 Gymnast), and Marissa (Cheerleader) and also a grandma to Landyn.  I have been a Volunteer at Champion for the past 10 years.  My Volunteering includes Boys Gymnastics Team Mom and the Cheer Director.  I also assist with Front Desk and Birthday Parties and any another assistant I can be. I love volunteering at Champion.  It is very rewarding watching these amazing athletes find their awesome! I love being a part of Champion because I believe in what Champion gives back to these athletes. 

My name is Marissa and I am 13 years old. I have been a part of Champion for 10 years. I started out as a gymnast on Girls Team and I have been part of the Champion Cheer Team for the past 2 years. I help coach the Mini Cheer Team as well as fill in as an assistant coach on our younger recreational gymnastics classes.

Marissa Robertson

My name is AJ and I have been at Champion Gymnastics for the last 10 years and I am currently a Level 10 on the Boys Gymnastics team. As an older team member, I assist coach our lower level classes. I also assist with Birthday Parties, insuring that all kiddos have a great time. I am thankful for all that Champion and Coach JJ has given me and I am looking forward to meeting my goal as a gymnast to go to the Olympics.

AJ Robertson

After having spent 30+ years working for corporate America in various sales and marketing management roles, I now have the most fulfilling position of all, that of Volunteer with Special Events, Marketing, and Social Media!  CGC is a place filled with children venturing into the world of gymnastics and cheer, enthusiastic athletes who have grit and determination in learning skills and reaching goals, dedicated coaches who show passion towards the athletes development, and parents who are invested in their kids’ future. The joy of being part of CGC and sharing my skills and talents to further advance all of these groups is immeasurable!

Sally Steele

10580 Prospect Avenue, Ste 101

Santee, CA 92071


Tel: (619) 449-7717


10580 Prospect Avenue, Ste 101 Santee, CA 92071
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