• Certified Taekwondo Black Belt (12 years of training)

  • Martial Arts Tricking Junior Instructor (2 years of experience)

  • Master Class Level student in Urban Choreography Dance, Hip-Hop, Popping, and Breakdancing (12 years of experience)

About Tricking


Martial Arts Tricking is a training discipline that combines Taekwondo kicks with flips and twist tricks from gymnastics, as well as many dance moves and styles, mainly breakdancing. It is a lot of fun to practice, and can be done by beginners. As students get better, new skills will be introduced, and the difficulty and complexity of the tricks will grow, making class time very diverse. It is commonly associated with Parkour, and can be combined to create a very exciting hobby which you can practice in public if you get good enough. Kids also have a tendency to gravitate towards the sport once they see it, because it looks like tricks that a ninja would perform.


Not only is it a very expressive and low-stress sport, but it is also eye-catching and impressive when proper technique is applied. So make sure that if you want to be a Tricker, you keep training, because you will only get better with time. With that said, I enjoy teaching this sport very much, and I'm hoping to teach kids how to break out of their shells and become expressive, while learning fundamental Tricking techniques to help them find confidence and determination through good exercise and training.

I love to see new students in my Tricking Class, and like my teacher used to always say, "There's no bad training sessions." So don't be afraid to come visit and try it out! I hope to see you in class.

10580 Prospect Avenue, Ste 101

Santee, CA 92071




Tel: (619) 449-7717


10580 Prospect Avenue, Ste 101 Santee, CA 92071
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