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Choosing Champion Gymnastics & Cheer: The Best Gymnastics in San Diego 

Champion Gymnastics & Cheer is unlike any other facility for gymnastics in San Diego. What makes us so unique is the sense of family that we have established as well as the passion and love we have for all the classes we offer. Our instructors want the athletes to succeed not only in the sport, but in life. At Champion we want to help our athletes strive to be the best they can be and reach their highest goals. 

Gymnastics As A Family Oriented Atmosphere

From the moment you enter our gymnastics facility, you will be welcomed with a big smile and greeting, and have the sense of caring and belonging.

We work hard to make sure everyone at Champion Gymnastics & Cheer feels like a part of our family by incorporating family values throughout our gym, hosting amazing events, and ensuring everyone feels welcomed and included.

This sense of family and togetherness can only be experienced, not explained, so come in and see for yourself! Or read about what current and past members of our CGC family are saying about us on our testimonials page!

Our Program Philosophy for Gymnastics Classes

Champion Gymnastics & Cheer’s program philosophy emphasizes building life skills through gymnastics rather than a win at all cost attitude. From kid's gymnastics to our competitive team, our programs are designed to build children up, develop leadership and self-esteem, as well as encourage them to take control and responsibility for their own health and well-being.

Our classes are not only designed to safely teach proper technique for gymnastics skills, but also to push the athletes to reach their goals. We want them to thrive in their gymnastics development, but have fun at the same time!

Each of the classes we offer are geared to focus on different things, which you can read about on each individual class webpage, but the basic philosophy of maintaining a safe, fun, informative, and family oriented experience are a part of all our programs!

San Diego gymnastics is highly competitive, and we believe that this program philosophy helps give our athletes a competitive advantage, not only in the gym, but in life.

Why Our Coaches are the Best in San Diego Gymnastics

CGC coaches are certified professional members of USA Gymnastics. Our coaches started out as gymnasts at an early age and experienced many successful years as high level, competitive, award winning gymnasts. They have personally experienced all the challenges their athletes face and can speak to them through the lens of “been there, done that” to impart coaching wisdom. Check out all of our  CGC coaches!

Our coaches are all certified professionals that will ensure your kids not only learn the physical aspects of being an athlete, but also the mental attributes of discipline, determination, accomplishing goals, confidence, loyalty, and character development.

CGC coaches have a very high degree of focus and commitment. They are selflessly invested in your child and committed to directing all their expertise and energy into providing the best gymnastics training ever! 

CGC coaches conduct classes with organization and professionalism so gymnasts have degree of expectancy and consistency in their training. 

CGC coaches engage and interact with each student. They exhibit positive and motivational feedback with every correction which, in turn, creates a natural motivation and positive experience for all athletes.

CGC coaching ratios are sufficient to provide each gymnast individualized attention during classes to work on specific skills in addition to group instruction. 

CGC coaches are trained in spotting techniques to ensure gymnast’s safety as well as fast progression in learning new skills.

CGC coaches are willing and active in speaking with parents to keep them informed of progression, challenges, etc.  Parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the coach either before or after training sessions

Our Amazing Gymnastics Facility in San Diego

SAFETY is of prime importance! CGC uses only high quality, well-maintained equipment in our facility. Much of our equipment was purchased from the U.S. Olympic trials, which certifies our equipment is of the highest quality. This is imperative to success of students as they develop higher level skills. 

Our staff uses a cleaning rotation schedule to ensure the facility is kept in pristine condition. The comfort of our CGC family is of utmost importance.

We have multiple pieces of equipment for each event so that gymnasts have ample turns in rotation. 

CGC provides and welcomes parent observation of classes in viewing areas where parents are encouraged to cheer on and support all athletes!

There are many San Diego gymnastics facilities but we have worked hard to set ourselves apart. Check out our pictures below, or come in for our FREE trial class and see for yourself! 


Why Choose the Sport of Gymnastics?

We strongly believe that gymnastics is the best sport due to the fact that it allows for the amazing qualities of discipline, determination, accomplishing goals, confidence, loyalty, and character development to be instilled in athletes, even from such a young age.


If you are hesitant about getting involved in the gymnastics world, read our page on why you should choose gymnastics! If you don't want take our word for it, read what USA Gymnastics and BuzzFeed have to say about this amazing sport!

When it comes to gymnastics, San Diego is one of the most competitive cities in the nation, so we truly understand the importance of choosing the right gymnastics facility!


 Please check out our testimonials page so you can see what past and current members of our CGC family are saying about us! If that isn't enough, we offer a FREE trial class and tour of our gym, so you can decide if joining the CGC family is right for you!

10580 Prospect Avenue, Ste 101

Santee, CA 92071




Tel: (619) 449-7717


10580 Prospect Avenue, Ste 101 Santee, CA 92071
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