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  • Each family that actively enrolls in classes is offered Annual Family Membership which is optional for all recreation athletes, but is mandatory for all team athletes.

  • This membership allows you to enjoy our lower membership pricing vs. non member pricing.

  • Other benefits of membership include: discounts on birthday parties, discounts on camp. More under development and will be announced later in 2022.

  • The Annual Family Membership fee covers your entire family, so if you have 2 or more children they are all included in the one membership fee.

  • Membership of $72 is charged in January for entire year, and then prorated/lowered by $6 each month. For instance, if you went from Trial to Active in February then your annual membership would be $66.

  • Depending upon when you go Active, here is the schedule:

  Jan: $72            Feb: $66            Mar: $60          Apr: $54          May: $48          Jun: $42

  Jul: $36             Aug: $30           Sep: $24           Oct: $18          Nov: $12            Dec: $6


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