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Boys Future Stars

This developmental program serves as a stepping stone from our Recreational program to our competitive team program.   While boys do not compete at this level, it is designed for the serious gymnast, the ones who not only have the talent but also the desire to be a
competitive gymnast.

Students will experience a more structured, more detailed approach to instruction, but in a way that is fun, challenging, and satisfying.  The boys continued physical development will allow them to swing higher on each event and learn more technically demanding and challenging acrobatic skills.  Boys beam with pride as they reap the rewards of their training and
accomplish great results!
Boys Team Levels 5-10 

Our higher levels team program will provide your son with a more individualized development path as a gymnast. Boys on the team develop strong friendships with each other that extend beyond their time in the gym. They also develop a sense of belonging in our gym, which starts and keeps them on a path to success not only in the sport but also in school and other activities. 

At CGC we designed our competitive team program around overall fitness, skill progression, and character development. Our main objective is to use this sport as a vehicle to motivate gymnasts both in gymnastics competition and in life. Our coaching staff does this in a safe, positive, and challenging environment. 

At these upper levels, gymnasts continue to learn new skills, higher challenging routines are introduced, and emphasis is placed on mastering those skills with confidence. 

Our boy's gymnastics team has had great success since the opening of CGC in 2008. Our boys are dedicated to the sport and work extremely hard to reach their goals. We are so proud of the men they are becoming!
Boys Team Level 3-4

This class continues to introduce gymnasts to more advanced skills and simple routines are taught. Achieving these skills while maintaining good body position is the primary focus.


At this level, boys participate in competitions. There is a strong emphasis placed on conditioning and strength building, as that is the basis for several of the USAG Men’s gymnastics skills. Boys in our program will learn the importance of combining goal setting and self-discipline with fun & enthusiasm!
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