Below is the Make Up Policy that CGC has established effective April 1, 2022. You may be surprised to know that we even give make up tokens as a majority of gymnastics facilities throughout the country have discontinued this practice. Plus make up tokens are not given in most other club sports such as soccer, dance, karate, or softball that athletes are involved in. 

CGC is different, and we are happy to provide this benefit. We are in a partnership with you and want to provide the best experiences for you and your children that create lasting positive memories.

If you are signed up for once a week class, you would expect to attend class 4 times in one month. There are 29 extra training days this year from January thru December because some months have 4 weeks and some have 5 and we only ever charge for 4 weeks. We are closed 20 days in the year for Holidays and Summer Break. That nets 9 extra training days that athletes are receiving with no extra tuition charge.

We think you will agree that our make up policy is generous and helps our Champion families!




  1. To utilize any Make Up Tokens that were issued prior to April 1, please email us at and request the class, date, and time that you would like to use the token.

  2. If the class you want is not available, you can request a different day or a different class. For Instance, if your athlete is enrolled in Girls Champs 1 but all classes that your child could attend are full, then you can request another class that would be appropriate for age and skill level.

  3. When your Make Up request is approved or denied, you will receive an automated email.

  4. Please note that all existing make up tokens in your customer portal account that were issued before April 1, 2022 can be used between dates of April 1 and November 30, 2022, so that gives you a full 8 months to book your make up classes. Any past tokens that haven’t been used by that date will be deleted from customer portal.

  5. Please do your best to book your make up tokens over the course of several months rather than all in one short time period. We are limiting the number of makeups so that we can accommodate everyone’s requests.

  6. The make up tokens cannot be used in lieu of tuition unless there are extenuating circumstances. Requests should be submitted via email to:


During the last 2 years of COVID, we’ve had a very generous make up process and automatically granted tokens to anyone who missed class for any reason or who forgot to sign in the attendance sheets. Moving forward, beginning April 1, any request for make up tokens and/or classes must be submitted through email.




  1. Make up tokens will no longer be automatically generated by our class management system.

  2. If your athlete missed class due to illness or emergency, then you may request a make up token by emailing us with date of absence, reason for absence, and requested make up class and date.

  3. If you know your athlete is going to be missing class due to special circumstances such as scheduled medical procedure, scheduled hospitalization, attending funeral, etc, then please let us know 48 hours in advance. This allows us to schedule someone else with a make up token to attend the class that your child is missing. 

  4. All make up requests should be sent to:

  5. Upon approval, make up tokens will be placed in your Customer Portal and you will be able to utilize them for upcoming class(es).

  6. Make Up tokens will be limited to one per class per month.

  7. After 45 days, the make up token(s) will expire.

  8. Please note that make up tokens will not be issued if you forget to attend class or have another event scheduled at the same time.

  9. Make up tokens are not available for team or preteam athletes, however athletes may participate in another team/preteam class if there is space available.