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Below is the Make Up Policy that CGC has revised effective January 1, 2023. You may be surprised to know that we even give make up tokens as a majority of gymnastics facilities throughout the country have discontinued this practice. Plus make up tokens are not given in most other club sports such as soccer, dance, karate, or softball that athletes are involved in. 

CGC is different, and we are happy to provide this benefit. We are in a partnership with you and want to provide the best experiences for you and your children that create lasting positive memories.

We think you will agree that our make up policy is generous and helps our Champion families!



We believe it is important that our students attend their regular classes as much as possible for continuity and consistency in training. That allows the coaches to give each student an appropriate amount of individual attention and keep track of their weekly progress.

At Champion Gymnastics, we understand that children get sick and that causes them to miss their scheduled class. That is why we allow Preschool, Recreation, and Pre-Team students one make up class per month.

Team athletes do not receive make up tokens for classes missed due to their already discounted hourly cost. However, if team athletes are enrolled in a recreational class, then they can receive a token for that class only.

Throughout the year, families are charged tuition for 48 weeks even though there are 52 weeks in the year. This allows us to offset the holidays and gym closures with the extra 4 weeks of no tuition paid.

Here are the guidelines we’ve established for Make Up Classes:

  • Makeups are a courtesy, not an obligation.

  • We will provide you with a make up token if your child is sick.

  • To request a make up token, you must email us at                                       (No phone calls to request)

  • The make up token will expire 30 days from the date it was issued.

  • You must be actively enrolled, and your tuition must be paid up to date in order for you to schedule a makeup class.

  • If you know you are going to miss your scheduled make up, you must contact us 24 hours in advance to reschedule. You can only reschedule once.

  • If you miss your scheduled make up class and don’t attend, you forfeit the token and will not be able to reschedule. No makeup for makeups missed.

  • Make up tokens cannot be transferred or used by another family member.

How to Redeem Make Up tokens in your Customer Portal:

  • Go to your customer portal.

  • Enroll in the same level class that you child is currently attending using Make Up option on drop down box.

  • The front office will review and approve or deny the request based upon availability and appropriateness of class for the student.

  • Allow 48 hours for processing.

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