What Are Members Of The CGC Family Saying About Us?

We at Champion Gymnastics and Cheer are blessed to have incredible support from our athletes, families and friends.  When we opened our doors for business years ago, it was of highest importance to us that we create a nurturing family environment in which students and families were welcomed and treated with respect.


Of primary importance to both owners, JJ and Robyn, is the motivation to inspire their gymnasts not only to be better athletes but better students with strong values who think beyond themselves. That translates in paying it forward with future citizens and leaders of the community, sharing of themselves with others, and leading by example.

In addition to this, we have one of the best gymnastics facilities in San Diego for athletes to train in a safe and fun environment. Our coaches are all certified professionals and work extremely hard to ensure the best experience possible!

We believe for these reasons that we are the best gymnastics facility in San Diego not only to learn gymnastics, but to mold our athletes into strong, virtuous, and ethical young adults!


See what our parents, athletes, and friends are saying about us by clicking scrolling through the testimonials below!

Michael F.

JJ and crew are amazing. We were formerly with a National Training Center with coaches from the National team. Our daughter learned more in 2 months (in the homeschool program) with Champion than 4 years at the National Center. My wife and 2 children moved down to be closer and attend JJ's Home School Program, definitely a difficult but rewarding choice. This is one of those places that parents would move hundreds of miles to attend and be lucky to have the opportunity. Champion's training is structured, extensive and goal oriented. They have brand new equipment that allows the girls to progress in stages without fear of injuries due to repetitive pounding, common in this sport. They are not as well known as some of the other California Gyms, but I'm sure this will quickly change in the near future. I can't recommend this gym highly enough. If we hadn't found them, we would have missed the opportunities for our daughter. They only have a limited career lifetime, and Champion has been able to bring her skills to the level needed for advancement in this incredibly difficult sport.

John-Thomas Faust

Champion Gymnastics and Cheer has played a terrific role in my boyhood, and through my experiences at the gym I have been shaped into the young man I am today. I first opened the door to the world of gymnastics when I was 8 years old, and standing on the other side was my dear friend and mentor JJ Ross. As I grew both physically and mentally I stuck with JJ as my head coach, which eventually lead me to the gym I call home today, Champion Gymnastics and Cheer. There is no other facility like Champion Gymnastics, as it is the only place I can stop by at any time of the day and be welcomed with open arms into my second family. Champion Gymnastics and the Ross family have held one of the biggest positive impacts on my life, and I would not be who I am today without them.


Eric Bernard


I just wanted to take some time on this beautiful weekend to thank Champion Gym. I grew up home schooled and I know it was because of the Gym along with the way I was raised that I was able to gain the confidence I now display. The years I spent at the gym were some of the best years of my life.


Coach JJ along with the staff instilled in me teamwork, respect, honesty and the ability to push myself further then I thought possible. I was able to take the virtues I learned and apply them to my life. My work. And everything I put my hand to. I learned that quitting was not an option and I learned meekness. I learned the ability to want my team to succeed just as much I did. 

They have a great facility in santee and I will always have a trust in JJ that I don't have in anyone else. He's a man of respect and honor. He truly is passionate about the sport and he gives his 100% 110% of the time. I'm grateful to have attended and still be friends with everyone at Champion Gymnastics & Cheer Cgc


Coleen Cerin Sichel


Ben finished his gymnastics a couple of years ago because he wanted to be involved in the sports at high school. The work ethic that was taught by JJ and all at the gym carried on through water polo and swim. The integrity that Ben showed with his team mates and jumping into help was a direct reflection of what I saw all the boys at the gym do together. I will always treasure the time we spent with the gym and all the families we met.


Jacob Dion


Good evening friends and family I would love to speak about my great place I have been apart of for so long. Champion Gym has been my family and home for several years now and I am privileged with the opportunity to start up the competitive cheer program again and will be looking for a great come out in May! I love this gym and know we will be growing and building. I love you JJ and Robyn and everyone else there!


Marjie Siekerka


Would like to add- Champion Gym has helped Katelyn (KT) not only become an amazing gymnast but a wonderful teenage. Love you all. I am so sad to hear what has happened as we never saw anything to anticipate what patrick was up to in his off hours. God Bless you all. We will keep you in my prayers.


Guy Bernard


Cgc helped my 2 youngest to grow in confidence, self reliance, discipline and self control. Now adults I am very proud of them and very great full to the team of professionals at Cgc lead by J J. I can't express how happy and confident I am with the team @ Cgc. Champion Gym


Braxton Schwarte-Boyd


I would like to reflect on how the gym has impacted my life in a great way. This gym has taught me great values such as respect, politeness, responsibility, work ethic, team work, and friendship. My teammates and my coach JJ are like my family. This gym has helped me mature in many ways. I just wanted everyone to know what this gym is all about. I want to thank the coaches for all they have done. Everyone should go to Champion Gymnastics and Cheer.


Corrinne Forest


Where do I begin...First I will just say this, my daughters and I left an Olympic gym to be coached by JJ. After 4 years at this other gym and me working there, we HAD to leave because once you experience JJ's coaching, there is no going back! As if leaving an Olympic gym was not testament enough, we also split our family to do this as we reside in Huntington Beach. So my daughters and I moved to Santee during the week while my husband stayed behind for work. We would commute back to Huntington Beach every weekends. It was not easy but it was definitely worth it.


My daughter has learned so much more than just gymnastics from JJ : good values, dedication, hard work, perseverance, team work, friendship and the list goes on. Even though my daughter has now quit the sport because of personal struggles, we still drive back down to take private lessons from JJ whenever he can fit us in. There is not a day that goes by where we don't talk about JJ and look back on our time in Santee with both sadness (because we are not there anymore and miss everyone) and overwhelming joy because of all the wonderful memories we have.


My daughter is now in a new sport but to this day, won't shut up about JJ!! She has annoyed her new coaches a few times with her talks of JJ and had to be reminded she wasn't in gymnastics anymore smile emoticon But I will tell you this, if my daughter came to me today and said "I want to go back to gymnastics", the girls and I would pack up and go in a heartbeat! I trust JJ with my life and my daughters life. She was never safer than at that gym! 

Once a part of the Champion family, always part of the Champion family. Thank you JJ, Robyn, Rick (and Jack) for everything you did and continue to do for our family. You have no idea how much we miss you all on a daily basis.
Corinne, Aline, Amelie and Michael.


David Faust


We met JJ Ross of Champion Gymnastics and Cheer 15 years ago when JJ was still coaching Gymnastics at the Cameron YMCA. Our five year old son, JT took an interest in Gymnastics and JJ helped stoke the fire through his unbridled enthusiasm for the sport of Gymnastics. We were all extremely excited when JJ announced he would be opening his own Gym. For those of you who understand the time that is necessary to become proficient at the sport of Gymnastics, you know how much dedication it takes on the part of both the athlete and the coach. JJ Ross has dedicated his life to introducing and supporting young athletes in the discipline of the sport. He has always put the safety and best interest of his students first. We consider CGC as a second home and family and will always support JJ and his family.


Collin Bautista


Words can't explain the amount gratitude I have for CGC. From the environment it has created to the people who have created it. JJ has for the last 14+ years of my life been my icon. The man who has taught me everything from discipline to work ethic. Because of him I am the man I have become today. I couldn't begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for JJ and his family. This facility he has built from ground up is used to not only train gymnastics/ one of the worlds far most difficult and demanding sports but also to help train kids and young adults like myself how to be motivated, strong, focused, and disciplined. Thank you Champions and the Ross family for being my family. Without you all I wouldn't be where I am today!


Sarah Ashley Bautista


I wanted to take some time to express my gratitude for Champion Gym and its respectable staff and team members. As a gymnast of ten years, I owe it to JJ, and his establishment in allowing me to continue to be surrounded by the sport which I love most. Although I am only a coach for the young progressive teams, being in the gymnasium has lifted my spirit in more ways than I could have possibly imagined. Not only do I get to witness these girls and boys grow, but I get to witness them become a family. Each and every person who steps into that gym knows how loving the atmosphere is, as there has never been a moment when I doubted that I was standing in a positive and safe environment. So, thank you again JJ, and to the entire CGC family for bringing me in as one of your own.


Dejahaaliyah Nash


I would like to thank Coach JJ for everything he has done for me.
I would also like to commend him on how he has reacted to the whole situation! I know that not only me but many of the other gymnast, parents, and coaches have needed a strong person to look to, and JJ has exceeded my expectations. I have gained a new respect for him, because I know many other people would not have been able to handle things as promptly, responsibly, and as calmly as JJ. 

JJ is a great guy! I feel as though you can see someone's true colors when they have been hit, especially as unexpectedly as this. All in all JJ has shown us his love, support and has fought for our protection through his actions not only by his words. I know we will come through and that everything will be okay because of JJ!

I am honored to be part of the CGC family!

—feeling thankful.


Stephen Cliffe


So sorry to hear the news about Champion Gym. To all of my Facebook friends who share concern over the matter, you should know that I still hold this gym and the staff in very high regard. JJ was a bigger influence in my life than most other people. Me, and my family, know that he's an amazing person who holds the safety and care of his athletes above all else.


I still visit the gym from time to time, and I can always see the effort that so many people give to provide the best possible experience for the athletes. So if you hear anything on the news or internet about Champion Gymnastics and Cheer, please remember that the entire CGC community still has trust in this gym and in the coaches. Anyone who's looking to try out gymnastics should check them out first, they're the best!


Lance and Shelly Robertson


Our family has been a part of Champion Gym for 6+years....we have been there for that long because of what JJ and Robyn have built. I'm not talking about the building....I'm talking about Champion...our son who is on team looks up to his coach....JJ has taught our son respect, gratitude, positive outlook, goals, and most of all self worth...that by working hard...not just in the gym but in school and everyday life...you can achieve anything. This is not your ordinary sport facility...when you enter those doors you are family...you are piece of the their lives...you are a Champion!! We love this family and Champion and we will continue to be apart of this amazing place!! Thank you Ross Family for all that you have done and will continue to do!!!


Mandy Reed


Hi Robyn and JJ, just to let you know that y'all and the rest of the staff are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being the people that you are. And for instilling confidence, determination and skill to not only my daughter, but to all of the kids that you have coached. We can't wait to see you again, 2016 will be the best year yet. Go CGC!


Kelli Shein Masek


If you know us well, then you know that Bruce and I are very particular about those we entrust to be mentors and role models for our children. We met JJ, Robyn & Rick Ross when Madi's competitive cheer team was looking for a new gym. Champion Gym had not yet officially opened their doors but we were impressed with the vision JJ had for the kids and the gym, and the promise of an atmosphere where our children would be treated like family and strong values would be emphasized.


Without a doubt, Champion Gym, JJ, and Robyn Ross lived up to every promise they made that night & making the move to Champion Gym had such a positive impact on Madi. Although she made the move to dance after 3 years of cheering for CGC/taking gymnastics classes from JJ she is still considered to be part of the CGC family, and they have continued to cheer her on & support her efforts to achieve her dreams in a variety of ways.


I am saddened that the off-hours actions of one of their now former employees has cast a shadow on this family and gym. Know that if Madi ever had intentions of returning to gymnastics I would entrust her to CGC again in a heartbeat. I wholeheartedly recommend JJ and CGC for anyone looking for a gymnastics home.


Angela Hunt


We first brought our son to Champion Gymnastics and Cheer 4 years ago. That forever changed our lives and the life of our youngest son, Devin. Coach JJ and Robyn Ross, welcomed us as if we were family, which I am proud to say we have been ever since.


What JJ has taught our son is immeasurable. Simply said, he has taught our son about his strengths not only in the sport of gymnastics but as an individual. His example of self-respect, respect of others, the importance of team work, and always putting your best foot forward is a part of our son’s way of life now. He has taught the importance of self-discipline, and to never give up on anything in life that you truly seek.


JJ Ross has become a mentor to our son to which my husband and I could not be more pleased. The Ross Family is one of great integrity, compassion, honesty and always going the extra mile for anyone in need. They exemplify the meaning of Amazing People. Our family has been blessed beyond words by being a part of CGC and the Ross Family.


For anyone looking for the right people to raise up a Champion in life, Champion Gymnastics and Cheer is the place to be. Thank you Ross Family for helping us raise up a Champion and incredible son.


Diane Sitton


We are so thankful our son, Weston, is a part of Champion Gym. I say "is" even though he is not competing this year, because you are always a part of the Champion family even when you are no longer an athlete there. Weston had four great years competing with the team that Coach JJ led. He grew as an athlete and as a person. Whatever the situation, JJ and co-owner Robyn always encouraged Weston to do his best and know that they were behind him no matter what.


Even now I still see the positive influence his time at Champion Gym had on him, and how very much he learned about gymnastics and about life. The hours he spent at Champion Gym and with JJ were a fantastic investment that I wish every young man and woman could have.


Micah Allen Cliffe


Champion Gym has been a huge part of my life since I first stepped through their doors 7 years ago. 

Growing up is a difficult time in every kid's life and the owner, JJ, is the kind of person every child can look to for guidance in any aspect of life. 
Now, as an electrical engineering student at UCLA and a collegiate gymnast for Southern California United, I rely constantly on the dedication and hard work I learned at Champion's.

Champion's is full of respectable coaches and it has no tolerance for anything less. Champion's is THE gym in San Diego for quality gymnastics. I am so thankful to be a part of this family.


MJ McKinley


If you have read the other posts on here, I'm sure you can tell that this place is more than just a gymnastics facility. This is a family, and like a family, we all love and support each other. I was the first gymnast here at Champion Gym and my whole young adult life was shaped by the loving, generous, and trusting hand of JJ and the CGC family. I wouldn't trade that for anything, and I know that the other people associated with this place feel the same way. In light of recent events, we have only grown closer and more supportive of each other. This is a place that represents the values of a true family, and just like a family, we never stop loving and taking care of one another. JJ is the best person I have ever known and it pains me to see the hardship he has been put through. But as always, he keeps a smile on his face and takes care of his family. I love you JJ and the rest of my Champion Gym family.


Dakota Lynn


I've been a gymnast at Champion Gym for almost 2 years now and it has been a great experience. It has become my 2nd home and a place where I know the people actually care about my well being and is full of girls I will always call my friends and sisters. Everyone is so supportive and I couldn't imagine my life if I never came here.




I've been going to cgc for about a year now and I can't explain how much JJ has influenced my life in such a positive way. When we have our lessons we always have something to laugh about and we have so many inside jokes. Aside from our jokes he also has taught me so much about gymnastics. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with him. Stay strong JJ!


Deb Fischle-Faulk


 Champion Gym is an amazing place and both JJ and Robyn are amazing people! The love, support and care they give to all who walk into the gym is genuine, heartfelt and continues on long after that first day.

We met JJ a little over 5 years ago and knew immediately that he was the right coach for our son Caleb Fischle-Faulk. Even though it was 45 minute drive one way, we were excited about the possibilities at CGC.

JJ not only coached Caleb to the highest competitive Jr. Olympic level (he was a 3 time Level 10 Jr. Nationals qualifier), but also became his mentor. JJ encouraged him to take on both personal and gymnastics related challenges and guided him to success in all areas. He genuinely cares about each and every one of his students and their parents... He was always willing to stop and chat about Caleb's progress with great enthusiasm and pride. JJ even encouraged him to take a Judges course which has proven to be invaluable to this day. Caleb is now an NCAA Division 1 gymnast and a Senior National team member of the country of Jamaica. He couldn't have gotten this far without JJ and CGC. In fact he will be returning to CGC sometime in the not to distant future to pursue additional goals he has at the International level. Thank you JJ, Robyn and the CGC family!!!


Weston Sitton


Weston Sitton speaking on behalf of JJ, the gym, and everyone else who is a part of the gym family. I trained at the gym for 4 years. While this is a relatively short period of time, I can say with out a doubt that those years were some of the most formative of my life. JJ taught everyone at the gym about hard work and discipline; through words and action. I would not be where I am today without him and I appreciate all that he does for the gym family.  He is also great at teaching gymnastics.


Carla Olivarria-Hacker


My daughter Dakota Lynn has been part of the Champion Gym family for almost two years now. Never has she said she wanted to skip gym when there were so many times I wish she would have lol. She loves this gym and the people there so much she can't wait to work there when she is old enough to. She is constantly saying how she can't wait to be a coach and help JJ and Savannah Steele (who she refers to as her sister)!


Shannon Stone Altmeyer


Hey friends I want to give a shout out to our dear family friend JJ Ross, owner of Champion Gym. JJ coached our son Ray Altmeyer for many years. He was not only an outstanding coach but an amazing role model. We are so fortunate to have JJ in our lives. He helped my son become the wonderful, hard working dedicated man he is today. My heart is so sad that this amazing young man is dealing with this crap. JJ built CGC from the ground up into one of the top Gymnastic Gyms in the country. Being an owner of a business is a tough job. You can't monitor your employees actions when they aren't at work. That being said JJ dealt with this issue professionally and I'm so very proud of him. We love JJ and you are like a son to us. You know if theres anything you ever need we will be there for you.


Camryn Force


JJ has coached me since I was 6 years old. I started going to CGC when JJ first opened in 2008. I competed for him and am now proud to be employed and coaching at Champion Gymnastics and Cheer. JJ has been the biggest role model in my life. He has taught me self confidence and that I can do anything I set my mind to. He has shaped my life in helping me become the person I am today. I can look to him for anything and I know he will be there for me. The dedication and love he has for every person who walks into the doors at Champion is amazing. Champion has always been and will always be a safe and loving place that I call my home. JJ, Robyn, and everyone else who is apart of the Champion family will always be my family.


Starla Toto


I've been at Champion Gym my whole gymnastics career, and ever since I started, I have always loved the feeling of being in the gym because of the family atmosphere. The gymnasts are my siblings, and the coaches are my other parents, and I have always felt welcomed by them. There's nowhere I'd rather be than in the gym. As soon as I step inside, I am able to concentrate on my goals, which JJ and the other coaches are helping me to achieve. The values taught at CGC are those that will carry through our lives and help us to reach success. Along with these positive habits I've learned, I've also developed close friendships with my teammates and coaches that I know will last a lifetime. When I no longer train at CGC, I will always be able to look back at the positive experiences I've had there, as will anyone else who attends Champion because their goal is to help us create happy memories that will always tie us together as a family.


Edwin Grubbs


Its been such a great ride with JJ Ross, and Champion Gymnastics and Cheer! Our son continues his training - having a good time and working hard in advance of the Blackjack competition! Having been at CGC for about 3 years, we are very happy he selected the gym. And recently Gunnar was 2nd All Around at Future Stars Regionals. We’ve had a great time watching him grow under the instruction of JJ, the head coach and co-owner at CGC. JJ takes gymnastics very seriously and his athletes appreciate that. Its why these boys and girls show up almost every day of the week and work. And we love it there, just a great culture built around the sport of gymnastics and a great space, wide open and bright. Very lucky we are to have Champion Gymnastics in the neighborhood!


Carlos Alvarado


Champion Gymnastics and Cheer. This sounds like a training facility but it has been so much more for me and many of my old friends. I've known JJ since I was about 6 or 7 years old. At that time JJ himself, was a hardworking, determined, and driven young gymnast. About 4 years later my parents and I receive news that he had opened his own business. When I had arrived and began training there, I saw the gym as it was just starting out and I got to see everything in the gym continuously grow. This business grew as a gym and as a family. JJ has been able to do so much for me and my family to this day. He has been there as mentor, a father, and a supporter of everything I've done. He continues to be my inspiration of what hard work and integrity means to me. Thank you Champion Gym.


Dave Aguilar


My name is Dave Aguilar. We love Champion Gymnastics. Our daughter Andrea has been there under 3 years, and in that time JJ Ross has taken her from level 3 to level 7. We could not be happier with this gym. We support them 100 percent. Please consider them if your child wants this fantastic sport. Thank you, Dave.


Stacie Taramasco


I have known the Ross family since JJ & his little brother were in High School in youth group in church, I worked with Robyn their mother at our church and on many ministry groups, I have known their father through this whole time also they are the most God & Spirit lead family I have been blessed to be a part of. I am so thrilled to see everyone rally behind them during this time and if they ever need anything they know they have my support! Love to you, your staff, students and their parents!


Gail Force


My daughter Camryn has been coached by JJ Ross since she was 6 years old. She is 17 now. She first competed at the YMCA in Santee. He was not her coach at the time, but would help her anytime he had the opportunity and noticed when he worked with her, she would catch onto the skills much faster. One time at practice she got hurt on a piece of equipment that had not been safely put back together after a meet that the YMCA held. She was to compete at a State competition a couple weeks later, and JJ was the only person my husband and I entrusted to put her back on the equipment and make sure she would be able to compete. He did that and instilled the confidence in her that she needed and won the floor championship.


JJ left the YMCA shortly after that and Camryn decided to end her time there as well. After a couple years of not competing, she heard that JJ was going to open his own Gym with his mom Robyn, who we had yet to meet. I always wondered who this person was that raised such a commendable young man, with the help of his wonderful Dad of course. We went to his open house and Camryn found lots of friends there that she had made at the YMCA. She was so excited and started classes that next week and she has been there ever since. None of those kids will never forget his Saturday conditioning classes, but they all had 6 pack abs to show for it. JJ always instilled hard work ethics and respect. The kids that were there always had 4.0 GPA’s and you always new where they were. When Camryn couldn’t compete anymore she was encouraged to get involved in Special Olympics, by one of the other parents, which Champion Gymnastics graciously offers their facility too. What a wonderful program they have brought to our community. The athletes and their families are enjoying competing there each year and have hosted their Gymnastics meet several times over the last few years. This has had a big impact on Camryn’s life, as well as the athletes who attend the program. Another way Champion helps their community is allowing girls and boys to take classes, aside from his teams, and work on their tumbling skills for Cheer, strength for football, and conditioning for various other sports that the local high schools offer.


I have watched his gym grow into the facility it is today. It took a lot of hard work by JJ, his family, and his soon to be bride Savannah and her family, not to mention all the parents that have hung on for the ride. This only happened because of the belief that JJ together with his Mom Robyn, and of course the support of his Dad, have what it takes to not only to coach athletes, but create good citizens for our community. These kids are unbelievable that are coming out of his gym. I’m proud to say that my daughter is one of them. Now coaching at CGC herself, she knows she will always have a home there and feel safe.


I highly recommend Champion Gymnastics for children of all ages.


Cheynoa Curo


I just wanted to recognize what an amazing Champion Gym is and the impact being there has made on my life. I have been working out at CGC for the past 5 years and to this day have zero complaints. Jj (the owner) has become like family to me! I truly love the gym and the family environment that surrounds you the second you walk in. 
Even when I went to Sonoma or would be gone for awhile I always knew that I could come back and be welcome with open arms. My favorite thing about working out at this gym is the bonds I have formed, Jj has became like an uncle figure in my life. Anytime I walk in with a dilemma on hand or just don't seem my usual happy self Jj instantly recognizes it and helps me get through any problems I maybe happy. Or when I am ambitious and set goals he wants to be a part of the journey and achieve whatever it is it maybe. And that means the world to me.
Without CGC in my life I would not be the person I am today, this gym has made me stronger, happier, more confident person, and has given me an extra family and for that I will be forever grateful!


I love all of you at the gym and thank you for all that you do!


Eddie Acosta


I have known the CGC family since 2008, particularly the owner JJ Ross. We had shared the same building beginning of April 2008. Throughout the years, we had built a great relationship as Co Tenants as well as becoming good friends. We made being neighbors in the same building work, lt just so happened that we operated in the day and the gym would operate in the evenings. lt was convenient for both of us, Throughout the years, my staff and I got to know the Ross family very well. Getting along with the Ross family was easy because they made you feel like a part of their family. To this very day, even though we are not neighbors anymore, I am still treated like family. lt may sound cliché’ but they would do anything for me if I ever asked them for help without no hesitation nor questions.


After getting to know Mr. & Mrs. Ross you can see the values they have taught their kids, and the will to want to work hard. At times, I would step away from my madness at work and go next door to get away for a few minutes. I would get the chance to talk to JJ or even watch him teach a class. I am not at all familiar with how a gymnastics gym should run but l do know that l could see the passion that JJ had for each of his students, and how they are his priority #1 . When there was a need for things to be serious, you can count on JJ to get his point across. He also liked to joke and have fun to give the gym its own unique feel. You can see it in the kids’ faces that they love their gym and their coach.


JJ is a man that doesn’t tolerate any nonsense because of his passion for each kid to succeed. He is a person who doesn’t know the word “Fail.” He is a guy that will accept any challenge and is not afraid to make the sacrifices needed in order for each kid to succeed.  As a true owner, he puts all the weight of the gym on his shoulders, but knowing JJ from day one, he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thanks to his family and great support of parents, I only see CGC becoming stronger and better in the future.  I am happy to have called CGC a neighbor and even happier to call JJ a fried and the Ross’s my other family.      Respectfully, Eddie Acosta – Branch Manager – BC Wire Rope & Rigging

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