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About FREE Trial Promotion


At Champion, we are different from other gymnastics facilities anywhere! Many places may offer a free trial class, but we offer new athletes to our gym a FREE TRIAL MONTH!

 No Tuition – Just a nominal $35 Registration Fee!

  • When you enroll in FREE TRIAL MONTH, your class tuition is free for the calendar month in which you enroll (first of month to last day of month). Instead of tuition, we charge a nominal $35 registration fee that unlocks your free tuition in the days/times that you sign up for.  Upon approval of FREE Trial class, we will automatically charge your card on file the $35 registration fee. 

  • During the FREE trial month you are able to sign up for more than one class. This gives you an opportunity to try up to 3 different classes – gymnastics (preschool, recreation, team), parkour, tumbling, rec cheer, and aerial silks.


  • The maximum amount of FREE Trial classes that you can enroll in a week is 3 per child. For instance, you could try Girls Champs 1, Tumblebees, and Rec Cheer which would be 3 classes. Or you could enroll in Girls Champs 1 two times and Tumblebees one time which also totals 3 classes.

  • If you are unsure which classes to sign up for, the front desk office staff can help you choose the best match for your child(ren).

  • During the course of the FREE trial month, we will send out an email about process going from TRIAL to ACTIVE. At that time you will need to let us know which class(es) you would like to move forward with.


  • When we move your status from TRIAL to ACTIVE, that’s when we will load the next month’s tuition amount into your customer portal. Tuition will be based on whether or not you choose our Annual Family Membership or opt out of that program. 97% of our families choose Annual Family Membership.

  • Please note that we have military (active and veteran), so please let us know if you fit into any of these categories because that will also change the amount of tuition.

  • Also, please note that if you do not let us know you want to go from TRIAL to ACTIVE before the end of the month, the class management system that we are using will automatically drop enrollment on the last day of the month.

  • It is important to let us know to ensure you keep the same class/day/time that you wanted.

  • Tuition is due on the 26th of each month, and if payment is not paid by the 1st then a $10 late fee is charged to your account.

  • Majority of our CGC families have elected for Autopay to keep payments on time and to avoid any late charges.


  • If your child is currently Active status and wants to try another class, we will provide them with a ONE DAY FREE TRIAL. Because they already had benefit of one month free trial, please note that they are not eligible for another full free trial month.

If you want to enroll in a FREE TRIAL class, please follow

these steps:

1) Tap on Customer Portal              (this takes you to our class management system)

2) Create an Account 

(input your family info, accept waivers)

3) Enroll in TRIAL class(es).

4) If class(es) requested are full, then enroll as WAIT.

5) CGC will review your request and process accordingly. We need 24 hours to process your request.

6) You will receive confirmation with class status info. 

7) We will automatically charge $35 registration fee for each child on your Card on File. 

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