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Girls Recreation Gymnastics

When you enter the world of girls gymnastics, it is the beginning of a new adventure that turns into a passion for many of the girls who participate. Over time they experience life changing moments that enhance their school, family, and community relationships.


It is our goal to make these young gymnasts not only into great athletes, but also into great children/teenagers/adults. We believe in the importance of gymnasts leading well rounded lives and being involved with outside interests as well.

Each class includes stretching and strength in addition to instruction on vault, uneven bars, beam and floor. Coaches are dedicated to teaching children the principles of gymnastics and develop their coordination and motor skills.  Gymnastics will not only increase your child’s physical abilities, they will also learn life skills such as perseverance, discipline, commitment, teamwork and leadership. Over time they learn to overcome fears and work hard toward goals.

Girls Champs 1 - 2 - 3

If you are looking for a beginning activity to build your daughter’s confidence, strength, and coordination, Girls Champs 1 is for her!  This class offers beginning basics on vault, bars, beam, floor and tumble trak.  When you first come to the gym, a coach will assess your daughter’s ability and she will be placed into the level most appropriate for her based on age and skill set.


Girls will learn gymnastics terminology, basic shapes, stretches and strength drills that will help them achieve various skills.  Students at this level are able to make corrections based upon coach’s feedback.


As girls develop their skills, they are advanced into Levels 2 and 3 where they will learn more challenging elements that requires self-discipline, increased strength and flexibility.


Girls Recreation Gymnastics is for every girl who wants to have a fun, positive and rewarding experience! 

Shooting Stars 
Shooting Stars class is a beginning recreation gymnastics class specifically for girls ages 9 and older. This class was developed for girls who want to learn the basics of gymnastics with peers of their own ages. The class is 2 hours in length and comparable to Girls Champs 2 level skills.
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