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Girls Rising Stars (By Invitation)
Rising Stars (ages 4-7) is for athletes who wish to take the competitive route in our gymnastics programs. At this level girls do not compete, but rather work towards skills that would get them to Future Stars. Because classes are held two times per week, the progression for learning skills is usually faster than recreational classes.
Girls Future Stars (By Invitation)

Future Stars (ages 7+) is the base requisite to our competitive team. At this level girls do not compete, but rather work towards their competitive skills while gaining confidence, a strong work ethic and determination to become a competitor on our CGC team. 


Designed to build both the body and mind, classes are focused on learning and mastering the team skills. Conditioning and flexibility become more important as they progress to more challenging skills, building character, self-esteem, and overall physical development.


Future Stars classes are for the more advanced and dedicated gymnast and prepares them for competing.

XCEL Girls Team

XCEL is a gymnastics program designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience for athletes. It is aimed at athletes interested in competing, but either want an option that is less expensive, not as serious, or cannot make regular team hours.


The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels, the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.  Each athlete will have different routines catered to her strengths and capabilities.  This program is offered for girls of all levels....Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond! 

Compulsory Girls Team 2-5

When your daughter achieves the necessary skills to advance to Compulsory Level 3, it is the perfect introduction to individual competition. Our coaches are focused on individual improvement and success. At this level we want to develop a positive attitude towards competition as well as the development of more difficult gymnastics skills.  

Compulsory Level 4 is the next step towards gymnastics skill improvement and competitive development.  While the skills get more difficult at this level, our desire to create a positive competitive experience remains the same. Girls are challenged with harder skills and routines, but rewarded by seeing themselves develop beyond a basic level of gymnastics. Over time they learn to overcome fears and work hard toward goals.

Level 5 gymnasts continue to develop an increased sense of focus, confidence, and determination.Your daughter will take pride in all the many accomplishments she is sure to achieve as a Compulsory gymnast!

Girls Competitive Optional (Levels 6-10)

Our Optional Team Program will provide your daughter with a more individualized development path as a gymnast. Girls on the team develop strong friendships with each other that extend beyond their time in the gym. They also develop a sense of belonging in our gym, which starts and keeps them on a path to success not only in the sport but also in school and other activities.

At CGC we designed our competitive team program around overall fitness, skill progression, and character development. Our main objective is to use this sport as a vehicle to motivate gymnasts both in gymnastics competition and in life. Our coaching staff does this in a safe, positive, and challenging environment.

Our Optionals program will improve your daughter’s self-esteem, goal setting goals, determination and motivation to succeed in the gym and in life! Our competitive teams are full of wonderful young ladies. CGC becomes their second home, they work extremely had and dedicate themselves to the sport in a way that cannot be matched. Over time they learn to overcome fears and work hard in achieving very challenging goals.

We are so proud of all the accomplishments these ladies have achieved!

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